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Available in a wide range of flavours. Try the MOODBAR full range get 3 Nicotine vapes for £12 or 3 CBD Disposable vapes for £25

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As an experienced Vaper working within the industry I was pleasantly surprised when testing the Moodbar Vapes. The Moodbar Disposables have a sleek design with a luxury feel and smooth performance. With a great range of flavours to choose from and an improved airflow system the Moodbar stands out from other disposables in the market. If you are looking for a change and want to try a new disposable then you can't go wrong with Moodbar.

Rob Oakley Industry Brand Development Manager

I'd just like to say how good the mood bar is, flavour is fantastic and lasts through out the whole bar, unlike most other disposables. The new design air flow is perfect for a nice throat hit. All in all its a cracking disposable with amazing flavour. Well worth a try for anyone.

Chris James Dragon Vapourz

The team at Nebulos are brilliant to work with, and the new MOODBAR has shown itself to be a strong product in a crowded disposable market. With its competitive pricing, branded retail display solution, intense flavour and powerful airflow it really does offer a point of difference. Repeat orders from retailers prove the product stands out.

Martin Grant Industry Account Manager

We are Nebulos

Nebulos was founded in 2020 by leading industry professionals who wanted to innovate the vape market with new innovative products that will disrupt the vaping Industry. We work hard with our manufacturers and suppliers to create the highest quality vape products on the market today.

MOODBAR Disposables

MOODBAR Disposable vape devices are one of the freshest disposable vapes on the market. Our MOODBAR range is available in 6 incredible flavours in 20mg Nicotine or 2 of our best-selling flavours in 120mg CBD. MOODBAR are designed to suit all tastes. Our Flavours are long-lasting and ensure that you get consistent flavour throughout the entire 600 puffs. MOODBAR vapes offer 600 puffs and an increased airflow giving you the ultimate vaping experience.

MOODBAR are designed to suit all tastes. Our Flavours are long-lasting and some of the juiciest around. MOODBAR vapes offer 600 puffs and increased airflow giving you the ultimate vaping experience.

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Get 5% off with the MOODBAR CDU (Counter Top Display Unit)

Stock the whole range of MOODBAR Disposables in our pre-filled countertop display units. Each CDU contains 10 of each of the 6 MOODBAR Nicotine flavours and our 2 MOODBAR 120mg CBD flavours. Stock the full MOODBAR range in our impactful pre-filled countertop display units to receive a 5% discount.

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Shuttle Metered Dose

Shuttle Powered by Nebulos is an innovative new vaping device that gives you more control of your vaping experience. The Nebulos Shuttle Starter pack contains two capsules specially formulated for Day and Night so you can vape CBD any time of the day! The Shuttle's unique metered dose offers two settings so you know exactly how much you are consuming.

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